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 Bac Kan town    Ban Gioc waterfall (Cao Bang)

Bac Kan province is in the northeast of Vietnam, 168 km from north direction, contiguous to 4 provinces: Cao Bang, Lang  Sơn, Thai Nguyên, Tuyen Quang. It covers an area of 4.795,54 km2, the average density of population  is 58 persons/km2, consisting of  7 peoples: Tay, Nung, Kinh, Dao, San Chay, Mong, Hoa. Annual average temperature is 22,50C.

“Bắc Kạn có suối đãi vàng

Có hồ Ba Bể có nàng áo xanh”

Ba Be lake is considered as a spectacular natural landscape of Bac Kan, recognized as the vestige of national importance. Also, Ba Be national park is recorded as one of the Natural Heritage Sites of Southeast Asia in 2003, RAMSAR number three of Vietnam in 2011. Its profile is being submitted to UNESCO for recognition as an international vestige.

Coming to Bac Kan, we will visit a famous revolutionary base namedly ATK Don market. This is considered as the base where Uncle Ho and other senior leaders of Vietnam’s party and government once lived, worked and directed our peoples during the resistance against the French colonialists. ATK Don market is currently rebuilt under the government’s comprehensive plan “Northernmost Vietnam base”.

Bac Kan is the typical place with various kinds of Karst terrain, especially caves such as Puong, Hua Ma, Nang Tien and Thach Long...  Caves stretch from hundreds to thousands m2  in area with stalactites and rock pillars in vivid and original shapes.

Coming to Bac Kan, we also visit other tourist spots such as Kim Hy natural reserves, Tham temple, Thach Long pagoda, Cau river, Nang river and etc. More specially, we call at minority villages with unique traditional culture and enjoy sweet fruit flavor of  Kaki (Japanese persimmon), pear and orange... and feel the essence of Northernmost Vietnam nature and forest.

With such an interesting tourist resource and the hospitality of local people, visitors will feel pleased and learn many useful lessons from this tour.


Spectacular landscape, magnificent mountain scenery and numerous famous historical vestiges and diversified culture of nine minorities (Tay, Nung, Dao, Mong, Kinh, Hoa, San Chi…) make Cao Bang become an interesting tourist magnet as well as the best well-known destination to visitors. For long time ago, Cao Bang had famous saying as belows:

“Nàng về nuôi cái cùng con

Để anh đi trẩy nước non Cao Bằng”

Cao Bang is a rich land of revolutionary tradition and well-known by cultural and historical vestiges through glorious struggles for the country such as Pac Bo cave, Lenin stream, Khuoi Nam which was chosen as the first place to work as soon as Ho Chi Minh president came back to his country and conducted the revolution of Peoples’ liberation in the early stages of 1940s. 23 among 224 historical vestiges and famous landscapes have been recognized as a national importance and 6 cases have been locally ranked. The journey to come back the origin of revolution will remind each Vietnamese people of such a famous landscape. The name of Cao Bang reminds us of various places relating to a formidable historical period such as Tran Hung Dao forest, Dong Khe, Lam Son…which becomes the inspiration for poets, composers and artists.

Coming to Cao Bang, we will explore and enjoy magnificent sceneries named Ban Gioc Waterfall, Thang hen lake, Khuoi Lai lake and wild caves (Nguon Ngao, Nguom Sap…) which are considered as the most beautiful places of Southease Asia.

Departing from Cao Bang, we will visit the neighboring country China through Cao Bang border gate. This tour promises to bring many interesting experiences to visitors./.

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