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Bac Kan town - Ba Be lake - Na Hang ( Tuyen Quang province) - Bac Me (Ha Giang)

( Cập nhật lúc: 15/08/2013  )
Ba Be lake is located in the center of Ba Be national park, about 70 kilometers northwest of the Bac Kan town. It’s one of the most beautiful landscapes, exclusive places in Vietnam.
 Bac Kan town  Ba Be lake  touring on Na Hang hydropower lake  Bac Me tourism.

The lake was created from changing of geological structure for milions of yearly, caves and limestone mountains were fallen away.

Ba Bể Lake (Vietnamese: Hồ Ba Bể, Ba Bể meaning "Three Lakes" in the local Tay language) is the largest natural fresh water lake, stretching about 8 kilometers in the north-south direction. The surface area of the lake fluctuates between 3 and 5 km² between dry and wet season. Unlike many lakes in Karst limestone areas, Ba Bê Lake never falls dry. Its average depth varies between 17 and 23 meters, the maximum depth is 35 meters. The lake lies about 150 meters above sea level, making it also Vietnam's highest. The name "Three Lakes" refers to the three parts of the lake named Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam. All these three parts are connected into a single continuous body of water, however.

The Ta Han, Bo Lu, and Leng Rivers feed into the lake from the south and the west. During the dry season, water is drained from the lake northwards into the Nang River. During high floods in the wet season, the latter flow is reversed however, and the lake takes up water from the Nang River thereby acting as a buffer regulating flooding. There are many nice islands and hundreds of  of fishes which were living in Ba Be lake.

Unlike many lakes in Karst limestone areas, said above.March 1995, The international conference of fresh water lakes was orgnized in America, Ba Be lake was listed a one of 20 nice lakes in the world, it needs have been protected. In 2012, Ba Be lake was recognized to be a national landscape.



Na Hang is a rural district of Tuyên Quang in the northeastern region of Vietnam. As of 2003 the district had a population of 66,561. The district covers an area of 1,472 km². The district capital lies at Na Hang.

Na Hang (called Nà Hang), from Tay language word Na Hang, meaning  “last field”. In Na Hang town, there are many primary forests and dense vegetation. Furthermore, there are many kinds of rare animals, especially Rhinopithecus avunculus which is recorded in the World red book.

On the trip boat, the tourist visit to celebrated places of the lake. The first place, Pác Tạ mountain is the highest in 99 mountains around the lake. There’re two temples named Pác Tạ and Pác Vãng where are venerated by people.

The trip boat continuous flowing, The tourist will see Mơ waterfall (Dream waterfall) with five falling floors. It said that firstly, Mơ waterfall had had 11 floors and fallen from the top of the mountain. However, the flow of the waterfall has been narrowed more and more.

Viewing from far distance, Mơ waterfall looks like a white soft-cloud stream of the girl. The tourist can stop to relax and bathing in cool water stream.

In the lake, 2 large zones use to feed the Acipenser, has given high benefit. In the restaurant, the tourist can eat delicious Acipenser. When the boat flows along the hydropower slowly, the tourist will see a wonderful place – Na Ha hydropower.

At the boating, services of yacht for rent, is easy to rent. The tourist can rent the boats or canoes with average speed or high speed. The tourist can see the monkey swimming if he or she’s lucky.



Coming to Bắc Mê, Not only the tourist explore the landscapes, Culture, history, caves system, also living in the life of the national cultural here.

Bắc Mê is a rural district of Ha Giang province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. As of 2003, the district had a population of 40,822.The district covers an area of 844 km². The district capital lies at Yen Phu.

It’s about 56 kilometers from the east of Ha Giang city,  the province  has borders with Yên Minh district in the north, Na Hang (Tuyên Quang) in the south, Bao Lam district (Cao Bang province) in the east,  and Vi Xuyen dist in the west. Bac Me district diviced 2 small zone: high mountain including: Phiêng Luông, Đường, Đường Hồng, Phú Nam, Yên Cường, Giáp Trung and some villages of Yên Phong communes. Yên Phú and Minh Sơn communes lie about 800 to 1,400 meters above sea level, average raining level’s about 1,600 mm yearly, the low mountain zone is remain communes which lie about 100 to 500 meters above sea level. Those reasons, it’s created the different small climate zones. The Bắc Mê district has 12 communes, burgh with 9,299 households and 46,879 people with 13 ethnic groups: ethnic Dao 37.86%, Tày 22.34 %, Mông 22.21% and other. Multi- ethnic groups is value of cultural identity, and exchanging together which created many interested products here.

The area has a rich history , natural resources, traditional  Culture and other advantages. Bắc Mê district pointed in specific types such as: Travel community; Ecotourism, lake tourism, etc. these attract the tourist firstly. (Ha Giang news)


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