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Special food in Bac Kan mountainous area

( Cập nhật lúc: 12/08/2013  )

Local farm produces

Commercial products

Traditional foods

Bo Khai vegetable

Bamboo shoot in chilly oil

Bamboo-tube rice

Ngot vegetable

Forest honey

Ant’s egg cake

Bao Thai rice

Sore tiny shrimp, broil

Ngai leaf cake

Vau Bamboo shoot

Currant jam

Pẻng phạ

Jiaogulan herb


Chinese sausage



Khau nhuc

Kaki (Japanese Persimmon)


Khẩu Thuy cake

San Tuyet tea


Coóc Mò cake

Black diamond-shape lattice truss


Bee sweetened porridge



Mèn mén



Đăm Đeng steamed rice



Tay peoples’ Noodle



Meat pie

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