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Waking up tourism potentials of Bac Kan

( Cập nhật lúc: 18/09/2013  )

Plentiful potentials in terms of tourism

Endowed by nature, Ba Be Lake is one of the 20 most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world and is recognized as ASEAN natural heritage. It has the altitude of 500m high and is surrounded by the very green forests and rock mountains of Ba Be national park. The magnificent cliffs and year round fresh air contributes to the development of tourism and resort. Bac Kan situated in Viet Bac revolutionary base, a national and cultural vestige. Recently, this vestige becomes the red address drawing the attraction of tourists to come to in search of history and revolutionary tradition. In Bac Kan province, there are various scenic caves and waterfalls and long-standing resident ethnic minority with their unique cultural characteristics, which is considered as the potential attracting tourists around the world. The rugged mountainous terrains are also the key factor for developing risky tourism.

These potentials have been not exploited effectively aimed at developing economy and creating more employments and income for the local. The main cause to this is the limit of propaganda and promotion, that’s why the hidden charm of Ba Be lake has been unknown, in particular, tourism infrastructure has not been attractive to tourists. Mr. Cao Sinh Hanh, Director of Bac Kan Department of culture, sports and tourism said that the infrastructure for tourism in Ba Be is poor and unsynchronized; in addition, service is so simple, in short of typical products with professional and trained staff. According to the statistics, there are total 1.300 restrooms in the whole province, of which, only one hotel with 90 restrooms is awarded three stars. In Ba Be national park, there are only three home-stays with 130 rooms; however, accommodation condition is very poor, in short of recreation areas and not interesting at all. That is the main reason why tourist stays here for a short time and never comes back for the second time. The fact is that among 150 thousands of tourists coming to Bac Kan, only 10% are foreigners and tourism revenue gets 40 billion dongs.

Investment into tourism

The infrastructure of Bac Kan province is still very poor and has no investment other than one from National Target Programs by the Central authorities in the whole province. In detail, only 60 billion dongs have been invested into tourism, mainly into entrance roads to some tourism spots since the re-establishment of province (1997). Aiming at attracting non-budgeted investment resources into tourism development, the Bac Kan people’s Committee have promulgated list of projects and the policy of attracting and encouraging investment in tourism development. In addition, the investors will receive favorable conditions for infrastructure construction, enjoying preferential tax and exemption from property tax for 15 years, receiving support for site clearance, human resources training and the priority for gold mine exploitation. On the other hand, companies who desire to exploit gold must make plan for tourism investment of at least 25 billion dongs. If not, they will not be allowed to do their business. Eventually, the policy takes effect for the early stage.

Over the last two years, 12 enterprises inside and outside the province have had 12 investment projects, of which 5 enterprises have been awarded investment certificate by the people’s committee with total registered capital of 640 billion dongs and 82.5 billion dongs have been allocated for the projects. Methods are also raised for enterprises in the whole province to invest in tourism development. Moreover, each enterprise has to pay a deposit equivalent to at least 20% of tourism project.

In Ba Be national park, recently, the infrastructure of some tourist attractions has been improved, for example, Hua Mạ cave, one of the most tourist attractions has been upgraded. Moreover, the entrance roads, lightings inside the cave, parking plots, and foot paths to Fairy Pond have been repaired. Also, Nàng Tiên cave in Na Rì district has been repaired for receiving guest. Besides, the 60 km stretch of the road from Phủ Thông town (Bạch Thông district) into Ba Be lake has been upgraded and qualified as mountainous 4-grade area. Provincial road 279 linking between National Road 2 and 3 (Ba Be-Na Hang) has been urgently constructed. The completion of these two routes promises to simulate social and economic development in Northern Bac Kan province and develop tourism in Ba Be lake. Transportation sector has planned to build highway route from Thai Nguyen to Cho Moi district (Bac Kan) and upgrade provincial roads on the whole province. The completion of transport infrastructure and the attraction of construction investment will help waking up tourism potentials of Bac Kan and pushing up local economic development.


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