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Na Tu historical monument

( Cập nhật lúc: 26/08/2013  )
From Bac Kan town, go back along the national road no.3 about 9km, come Cam Giang commune, Bach Thong district, we visit Na Tu historical monument where the detachment of youth volunteers 312 protected Na Tu bridge and the road form Na Tu to Phu Thong. Uncle Ho visited this and donated 4 verses:

“No difficult work

Only faltering brain

To dig the mountain up and fill in the sea

Try one's best to be successful”

 In 1996, the ministry of Vietnam culture and infomation (ministry of culture- sports and toursm of Vietnam recognized ) Na Tu historical monument to be national historical monument. It was embellished more spacious place, including Uncle Ho memorial house, target house; camp of youth volunteers and other places.

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