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Fairy (Nang Tien) cave (Na Ry district)

( Cập nhật lúc: 26/08/2013  )
Fairy (Nang Tien) cave located in Luong Ha commune, Na Ry district, 5 km from the east of Yen Lac town. This cave is 200 metres deep and 30 metres highest and 20 metres in length with many beautiful stalactites.
Fairy (Nang Tien) cave (Na Ry district)

 Amazing terraced fields have been formed thanks to the limestone eroded by flows of groundwater occured over millions of years. More especially, there is a wide roof of limestone within the cave and a flat big stone inside with the dimensions as a stone bed surrounded by stalactites falling down like a silky curtain, beautifully sparkling. As legend is told, fairy girls once came to the earth and stayed in this cave. That is the reason why we called Fairy cave nowadays.

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