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Eco-tourism development in association with sustainable environment protection

( Cập nhật lúc: 18/09/2013  )
It is likely that many households living near Ba Be lake never imagine that one day they will participate in the construction and development of eco-tourism and community in their living area. The answer has been early raised since “Pro-Poor Partnerships for Agro forestry development” (3PAD) project started to promote the initiatives in improving the environment around Ba Be lake.
 The beauty of Ba Be lake

At present, ecotourism is playing an important part in improving community likelihoods, preserving and highlighting the integrity and feature of nature. From this reality, the 3PAD project has been planned and piloted to carry out the activities of natural preservation and pay for environmental services and support the development of ecotourism associations in Ba Be.

Natural preservation based on growing grass

With the guideline “Building small but very effective model”, the project directly support the local people increase their awareness of ecological environment, natural preservation based on grass fields and providing seeds to the local in the early stage with a view to develop agro-forestry model, thereby, build Protection Forest, effectively prevent soil erosion and protect environment.  Besides, elementary schools will designate their teaching course by adding the content of cultivation and hillside slope preservation into the course. Until this time, the project has carried out total 20 training classes in grass growing techniques for feeding cattle and hillside slope protection, providing grass seeds to more than 323 households, establishing 50 favorite groups and 18 nursery gardens in schools. Nguyễn Văn Mậu – Advisor of nursery garden targeted by the project 3PAD for Bac Kan province said: Growing grass helps the local not only take initiative in food source for breeding but also improve breeding method, free of labor power and save time seeking likelihoods for family, at the same time, help protect environment as well as limit ultimately soil erosion for sustainable cultivation.

Payments for environmental services

In parallel, the project also improves the ability of forest management and protection for individuals and organizations through pilot payments for environmental services in Bản Duống village, Hoàng Trĩ commune, Ba Be district.

 Funds are drawn out to support for farmers in the head of Ba Be lake

Bản Duống village situated from the starting flow into Ba Be lake, it has total 29 households, of which the poor rate of 63%, living upon wet-rice, milpa, breeding in small size and forest, affecting directly the environment and outlook of the two communes Nam Mẫu, Quảng Khê and the biodiversity of Ba Be lake. Also, this model uses capital collected from Xuồng cooperative, home-stay and others to carry out patrols for forest protection and restoration and set up fund for community. As Mr. Đàm Văn Phong – Bản Duống village head, Hoang Tri commune, Ba Be said: This is the first voluntary method of payment by lowland villages for beneficiaries in highland in terms of forest protection, restoration, creating more likelihood and minimizing the impact on Protection Forest.


Aiming at developing eco-tourism association in Ba Be lake, 3PAD project held a visit to successful provinces for households to study and exchange experiences in ecotourism business and established landing stage cooperatives, stilt association with 32 households. The owner of Thế Sang home-stay, Pác Ngòi village, Nam Mẫu commune, Ba Be district said: After this visit, his family learned very much how to build and offer new tourism products and menu with reasonable price for tourist, resident arrangement and environmental sanitation.

  Some tourist attracting points of Ba Be lake

Besides, the project has supported the activities of Ba Be tourism promotion such as flyer or leaflet hand-out, panels and posters sticking, setting up tourism broadcasting station, landing gates, signs and preparing mobile rubbish bins at tourist points.

 The activities embellishing the landscape of Ba Be national park

Mr Nguyễn Minh Đức, head of 3 components in 3PAD project in Bac Kan province, said to us that the above activities help preserve and retain natural resource characteristics from the direct impact of economy. It is considered as an ideal part of sustainable development strategy, of which, natural resources are used as the attraction to tourist without damaging the landscape of Ba Be lake.

For a very short time, the number of tourists coming to Ba Be has increased rapidly, which is a positive sign for the project. The conformity and effectiveness of eco-tourism is initially affirmed. However, for sustainable development of eco-tourism, first and foremost, all branches and localities should united participate in preserving the environment and landscape of Ba Be National Park.

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