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Ba Be - Bac Kan tour

( Cập nhật lúc: 18/09/2013  )
Striking out in the magnificent mountainous scene, the piraguas of the Tay girls wearing indigo and turban are deliberately paddled down the Nang river and corn and sugar cane fields also flicker. We can sometime see the boys with beefy and naked chest pulling the dip-net, throw casting-net absorbedly in the natural aquarelle paiting of Ba Be which is sparkling and deeply imbued with legend. Ba Be situated in Bac Kan, the province of revolutionary tradition.

Spinning down the river, shortly, visitors will call at Puông grotto. No one knows such gentle Nang river can penetrate through cliffs creating flows into spectacular caves and grottos. Puông cave has its arch with dozens  meters in height, over hundreds meters in length looking like the huge jaw of a shark opening its mouth to swallow long lines of piragua linked together. Continuing down the Nang river with a pleasurable feeling, we come to Dau Dang waterfall. Seen from the altitude over 30 meters, water streams discharge and vigorously pour into uneven stone mounds. Foam from the stream spatters into the sky, spindling branches of tree outspread and reflect them on the lake. Ba Be lake, tourist destination, appears in a shimmered way.

Unexpectedly, the ground lowered than ever, the mountains become upstanding, creating a yin-yang contrast, the air settles over, becomes fresh and gets the smell of flowers and leaves. Visitors will feel surprised at the wildness, silence and immensity of Viet Bac mountains and forests.   

The local have shared their fairy tale that once upon a time, a fairy godmother disguised as an old beggar to try out the real world’s goodness. She was chased anywhere she call at. Until night, at the end of a small village, she met a widow and her child for dinner and bed. After dinner, the beggar gave them a rice seed and a handful of ash, reminding them to throw the ash around the house if flood came and then used rice husk as a boat. At midnight, surprisingly, the ground fluctuated tremendously and fell in. The widow woke up and saw the beggar vanish. After a 7 day & night rain, the land was flooded; the widow immediately remembered the godmother’s saying about the rice husk and threw it into the water, the husk became a piragua boat. At the same time, the land collapsed, only the widow’s house emerged as an island surrounded by water, former we called Giả Mải mound and the latter Ba Be lake.

         Having a cruise on the lake, visitors could not ignore Fairy Pond floating over the fresh and clear water with upraised cliffs penetrating to blue sky carpet. It was early said to be the place where the fairy played chess. Through this way back to rock slope around 200m, we come to Fairy Pond, a round pond with over thousands of square meters in width, separating with the lake, water is not allowed to flow or discharge, making it always clean and clear, though it heavily rains or floods.

Situated in Ba Be natural reserve, Ba Be lake with nearly 500ha wide and 8km long is the convergence of three rivers named Nang, Tả Han and Nam Cường with the wildness granted by the nature. Ba Be lake is recognized as one of the 20 world largest fresh water lakes.

 Visitors also experience a wonderful night in very airy stilt houses and exchange with the local Dao Khưa Quang in the tourist village named Pác Ngòi which is famous for corn wine sipped with grilled snake-heads which are caught in the lake by the local.

Going for a good round on the lake to enjoy the sense of freak-out, Ba Be is not only the largest natural lake of Vietnam but it also the masterpiece written by earth and sky. It has rock, water, cloud and various plant and animal species. Again, Ba Be is the gift of Nature granted to humankind

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