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ATK - Cho Don

( Cập nhật lúc: 26/08/2013  )
From Bac kan town, the tourists go along to provincal road no.257,will visit the zone of historical monuments which named ATK - Cho Don that belongs to the Viet Bac zone (Northern vietname zone) where Ho Chi Minh President and senior leaders of vietnam’s goverment lived and worked during at the period the rising against French domination (1946 - 1954).

           This area was the location of the headquarters of the Vietnam Communist Party and uncle Ho at the period the rising against French domination , consisting of districts: Dai Tu, Dinh Hoa (Thai Nguyen province), Son Duong, Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang province), and  Cho Don district was placed the safe zone of rising against French domination. In Cho Don, orgnizations of Vietnam government and senior leaders were helped and supported by the people.


Khuoi Linh historical monuments (ATK – Cho Don)

            Dec 8th 1947, Ho Chi Minh President came Cho Don district to lead and planing the rising against French domination. From Dec 7th 1947 to the end  Dec 1947, Uncle Ho worked at Ban Ca (Binh Trung commune) and he lived and worked in Na Pau (Luong Bang commune) in 1951.

          August  1950, Comrade Trường Chinh and other comrades moved Vietnam government Office orgnization from Phu dinh (Thai Nguyen province) to Khuoi Linh (Khuổi Linh) while our army was preparing to open the border war. In Khuoi Linh, Comrade Trường Chinh  prepared the second Congress of the National Party (Feb 1951).

          From 1950 to 1951, Comrade  Pham Van Dong (Prime Minister)  and staffs of Vietnam government Office orgnization worked at Khau Ma hill (Luong Bang district).

          From 1950 to 1952, The Central Party was placed in Na Quan (Binh Trung commnune) where orgnizated the Conference summary of the Autumn – winter war in 1950.

  From 1947 to 1952, the most of Central orgnizations placed in Cho Don district: Radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the office of radio frequence management, Strategic Technical Directorate,  army school,..

          The zone  of historical monuments – ATK Cho Don is consisting of 6 national monuments (Bản Ca, Nà Pậu, Khuổi Linh, Bản Bẳng, Nà Quân, Đồi Khau Mạ), 4 provincal monuments (Nà Pay, Phja Tắc, Đồi Khuổi Đăm, Nà Kiến) and 18 historical monuments where were audited, interested places of tourists.

          Visitting ATK - Cho Don, also tourists explore the beauty of the traditional culture and see the changes in beautiful land.


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