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Eco-tourism development in association with sustainable environment protection

It is likely that many households living near Ba Be lake never imagine that one day they will participate in the construction and development of eco-tourism and community in their living area. The answer has been early raised since “Pro-Poor...

Formation history of Ba Be Lake

Ba Be is a freshwater lake lying between two districts of Bac Kan province, named Ba Be and Cho Don, spreading 8 km long, 3 km wide and 145 m high above sea level. It was formed around 200 million years ago, surrounded by various ranges of ancient...

Ba Be - Bac Kan tour

Striking out in the magnificent mountainous scene, the piraguas of the Tay girls wearing indigo and turban are deliberately paddled down the Nang river and corn and sugar cane fields also flicker. We can sometime see the boys with beefy and naked...

Na Khoang waterfall

Na Khoang waterfall locates in the foot of Gio Pass (Wind pass) which is next to the national highway no 3, and it is about 6km from the centre of Na Phac town, Ngan Son district of Bac Kan province. The waterfall area is about 12ha, which is the...

Fairy (Nang Tien) cave (Na Ry district)

Fairy (Nang Tien) cave located in Luong Ha commune, Na Ry district, 5 km from the east of Yen Lac town. This cave is 200 metres deep and 30 metres highest and 20 metres in length with many beautiful stalactites.

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